Refund policy

I. Overview

1. This Refund Policy applies exclusively to products purchased from Gjol Jorn for personal use and not for resale.
2. By purchasing Gjol Jorn products, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted this policy.

II. Coverage

Gjol Jorn warrants that each product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase or as determined separately by Gjol Jorn.

III. How to Get After-Sales Service

If a product does not work as guaranteed during the warranty period, you can get after-sales service by contacting Gjol Jorn. After-sales service may vary in some areas and extra costs may be incurred outside Gjol Jorn's service areas. Please contact Gjol Jorn for location-specific information.

IV. Return & Refund Service, Exchange Service and Warranty Repair Policy

1. Return & Refund Service
- You can request a Return & Refund Service within 30 calendar days of receiving the product.
- Type 1: Production error or quality problem.
- Type 2: Damage during transport, wrong goods sent, missing goods or product that does not match the original description.
- Return & Refund service will not be provided under certain conditions described in the policy.

2. Warranty Repair Policy
- You can request a Warranty Repair Service if the product under warranty has a manufacturing defect and a valid proof of purchase is provided.
- Diagnosis, material costs and labor costs will be covered by Gjol Jorn if the product meets the requirements for warranty repair service.

Exceptions to Coverage:
- Crashes or damage caused by non-production factors.
- Improper installation, improper use or operation not in accordance with official instructions.
- Unauthorized modification, disassembly, repair or opening of the cabinet.
- Problems with proof of purchase, uncontrollable external factors or damage during transport without proper documentation.
- Products out of warranty, signs of tampering or damage caused by non-production factors.

1. Warranty period may vary based on product version differences and location.
2. Make copies of all data in your product as it may be lost during the repair process.
3. If the problem is not covered by the Warranty Repair Policy, you can apply for Paid Repair Service.
4. These terms do not affect other consumer rights under local law.

V. Product and Part Replacement

- When after-sales service involves product or part replacement, the replaced product or part becomes Gjol Jorn's property and the replacement becomes your property.
- Replaced products or parts supplied by Gjol Jorn may not be new, but will be in good condition and functionally equivalent to the original.

WE. Use of Personal Contact Information

- By obtaining service under this policy, you authorize Gjol Jorn to store, use and process your product usage log information and contact information for service purposes.

WE YOU. Limitation of liability

- Gjol Jorn is responsible for loss or damage to your product while it is in its possession or in transit, if Gjol Jorn is responsible for the transportation.
- Gjol Jorn is not responsible for the loss or disclosure of data contained in a product.
- The limitation of liability is described and specific exclusions may not apply in certain states or jurisdictions.

VIII. Warranty period

1. Entire device (except battery): 12 months
2. Battery: 6 months, not damaged and corroded, charging cycle less than 200 times
3. Accessories: No warranty
* Warranty period varies depending on local laws and regulations.
Gjol Jorn reserves the right to give the final explanation of the above policies.